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Meet the Adewumis’ – Embarking on a Spirit-Led Journey- The Blessed Church

Ushering in a vibrant, life-giving faith community – The Blessed Church – Tunji and Megan Adewumi and their two spirited children are embracing their calling. As the Lead Pastors, they’re guided by a vision etched in their hearts over a decade ago. They seek to “unveil the God-authored blessings within each individual, fostered through a profound relationship with Jesus.” Now, the time has come to bring this vision to life. Hallelujah

In their new abode in Clarksville, Maryland , Tunji and Megan, and their two lovely children , Adebayo and Zara are eager to become part of God’s dynamic work within and beyond the city. Their adventure has just begun, and they’re thrilled to journey with you.


Welcome to The Blessed Church, a vibrant, multicultural, non-denominational church in Clarksville, Maryland. We embrace people from all backgrounds and traditions, celebrating our differences and fostering spiritual growth through dynamic worship, teaching, and community engagement. Whether you're a lifelong believer or new to the Christian faith, you'll find a home here to explore your spirituality, build relationships, and make a positive impact locally and globally. 

Join us as we worship, learn, serve, and discover the transformative power of God's love in a diverse and inclusive setting. We look forward to welcoming you into The Blessed Family.
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